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Managing Director – INDAUS Business Links Pty Ltd (Australia) Managing Director – INDAUS (India)

As the President of the Malayalee Association of Victoria, an organisation for one of the most erudite sections of the Indian Diaspora settled in Australia, Sajan John personifies the bridge of friendship linking the Island Continent Down Under and the Asian Sub Continent `up and above`. Incidentally, the term `Sajan` denotes friendship in multiple Indian languages.

Sajan did his schooling and university education in the backwaters of Kerala – the southernmost Indian state known for its beauty, literary skills, political awareness and green scenic beauty. His home state, however, continues to be beset with problems owing to the weeds of communism having grown roots. More often than not, go-getter youth from that neck of the woods, migrate to find greener pastures.

The Indian cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Kuwait [once known as Bombay, Madras respectively – when he lived in those] helped in honing his business acumen. A stint in Kuwait saw Sajan acquiring a post graduate’s degree in Geographical Information System and Trimble Asset Surveyor program.

Australia welcomed him in 2006. Soon he established his flagship firm INDAUS that buzzes with a plethora of biz activities. As a pillar of the Malayalam-speaking social group domiciled in Victoria, Sajan sponsors multiple socio-cultural endeavors for the uplift of the society at large.



Managing Director

As the lead for business operations across the world. Simeon is a young, up and coming entrepreneur who is driven to achieve the desired goals while delivering and exceeding the expectation of “INDAUS” client base.

Simeon has been able to experience and see perspectives from 2 spectrums, born in Kerala, India and spending 9 years there before migrating to a young and hopeful nation in Australia in mid-2000. A decade after moving to Australia, Simeon finished high school education and transferred onto Tertiary studies. Upon completion of HSE and with ongoing Tertiary studies, Simeon has also been able to gain invaluable experience and knowledge in customer service while working in the field of service and project management in partnership with a giant of Australia’s telecommunication industry.

With youth and energy on his side, Simeon is driven to learn and grow in the field of customer service and management by implementing new methods and models that will enable INDAUS to deliver exceptional outcomes to the clients.